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The Hero - troubled
The Magician - visionary

The Wise Old Man - profound
Tendencies: withdrawn, creative / insightful
Dominant Capabilities: composing, equating, calculating
Conditions: Asperger's Syndrome, Bipolar Spectrum

Careers: data analyst, systems analyst, computer  technician, computer programmer, computer scientist, webmaster, technical engineer, IT specialist, biomedical engineer, software engineer, nuclear engineer, research scientist, environmental scientist, Egyptologist, medical researcher, systems engineer, physicist, mathematician, geologist, astronomer, accountant,  financial analyst, financial auditor, legal researcher, law clerk, actuary, dental technician, pharmacy technician, electrical engineer, mortician, archeologist, forensic anthropologist, computer software design, graphic designer, industrial designer, statistician, cartoonist, video editor, digital artist, art curator, cinematographer, photo journalist, film director, painter, book editor, magazine editor, screenwriter, songwriter, composer, philosopher, book seller, journalist, archivist, artist, bookstore owner