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I have developed a questionnaire to determine which type a person is.

Answer each question on a scale of 0 to 5 with 0 being not at all 1 being very little 2 being a little 3 being somewhat 4 being a lot and 5 being very much so. Write the selected numbers and then add the selected numbers to get the total.

In order to have these archetype pairs / disorders your highest score has to at least be a 105.

* = indicates questions that were influenced by the PID 5 (Personality Inventory for the DSM V)

1A. Do you get depressed often?
1B. Is it hard for you to change your thinking or behavior? 0 not hard at all 1 very little 2 a little 3 moderately hard 4 a lot 5 very much so
1C. Will you continue to talk about your ideas even if someone is not interested in them?
1D. Do you need to organize things in a certain way to be happy or comfortable?
1E. Do you prefer to not socialize?
1F. Do you have repeated thoughts about the same things or problems?
1G. Do you often begin speaking while someone is talking if you disagree or think your ideas are important?
1H. Do your moods shift from one extreme to another?

1I. Are you most fulfilled learning new things?

1J. Do you want to understand the world around you?

1K.Is being creative important to you?

1L. Are you happiest when you are being inventive?

1M.Do you like brainstorming?

1N.Is studying and researching something that is exciting for you?

1O.Do you like to know how things work?

1P.Does ruminating about your thoughts get in the way of developing interpersonal relationships?

1Q.Do you feel the need to speak on whatever is on your mind?

1R.Does wanting to learn new things  get in the way of having a social life?

1S.Does everything seem pointless? *

1T.Does the future look really hopeless to you?

1U.Are your emotions unpredictable?

1V.Are you very dissatisfied with yourself?

1W.Are you constantly irritable?

1X.Do you have a lot of anxiety?

1Y.Do you feel worthless?

1Z.Are you easily distracted?

1A1.Can you sometimes stay awake for days at a time and still have energy?

1B1.Are you frequently annoyed to the point of agitation?

1C1.Do others seem to think you are odd or unusual?

1D1.Do you not show emotions to others?*

1E1.Are you self absorbed?

1F1.Do you not understand the give and take of conversation?

1G1.Do you have routines that you must follow?

1H1.Is it easy for you to memorize information and facts?

1I1.Are you obsessed with a couple of specific narrow subjects?

1J1.Do you not notice when someone is trying to change the subject?

1K1.Do you often speak in a monotone voice?

1L1.Do you lack eye contact?


2A. In your relationships, do you feel the other persons are better qualified to lead and make decisions?
2B. In situations where your needs are different from other people’s needs, do you put theirs first?
2C. Do you enjoy providing for others?
2D. Do you make yourself     available to others even if it's not convenient?
2E. Do you tend to accept ideas or leadership from others without resistance? 
2F. Do you prefer to not speak up or not bring attention to yourself?
2G. Do you think people feel they can count on you?
2H. Are you very trusting of others?

2I. Are you most happy when you are in a loving relationship?

2J.How important is it for you to be in love?

2K.How important is it for you to make other people happy?

2L.How important is it for you to receive affection from others?

2M.How important is it for you to display affection toward others?

2N.How likely are you to feel hurt when someone doesn't return the love and attention you have shown them?

2O.How important is it for you to be in a committed relationship?

2P.Do you tend to love people unconditionally?

2Q.How important is it for you to give and share affection?

2R.Do you make excuses for other's behaviors?

2S.Do you change what  you do depending on what others want?

2T.Do you do what other people think you should do?

2U.Do you tend to do what others tell you to do?*

2V.Do you try to do what others want you to do?

2W.Is it hard for you to disagree with others?

2X.Do you worry a lot about being alone?

2Y.Do you dread being without someone to love you?

2Z.Is it hard to initiate projects or activities?

2A1.Would others take advantage of you if they could?

2B1.Would you never harm another person?*

2C1.Do you need others to assume responsibility for most areas of your life?

2D1.Are you afraid of rejection?

2E1.Are you bossy?

2F1.Do you constantly try to fix other people?

2G1.Are you insecure?

2H1.Do you avoid risky activities?

2I1.Do you like to take care of others?

2J1.Do you constantly want to please people?

2K1.Do you sacrifice for others a lot??

2L1.Does it bother you to see other people get hurt?

3A. Do you feel it is important for you to state to others your strong beliefs?
3B. Are you a people person?
3C. Are you irritated easily?*
3D. Do spontaneous feelings tend to guide your decisions?
3E. In social settings, do you enjoy it when most or all of the attention is focused on you?
3F. Are you more concerned with your own feelings than other people‘s feelings?
3G. Are you very competitive at work or in social situations?
3H. Are you more comfortable when people constantly say positive things about you?    

3I.Is it hard for you to follow orders?

3J.How likely are you to disagree with someone's ideas?

3K.Is following rules something that is hard to do?

3L.Would you rather have people do things your way?

3M.Would you prefer to accomplish things in your own way instead of other's ways?

3N.Are the ends more important than the means?

3O.How likely are you to challenge authority?

3P.Is it hard for you to relinquish control to other people?

3Q.How likely are you to question someone's beliefs?

3R. Are you more of a leader than a follower?

3S.Do you not care if your actions hurt others?

3T.Are you skilled at conning people?*

3U.Do you make promises that you don't intend to keep?

3V.Is it hard to handle criticism?

3W.Does your behavior command people's attention?*

3X.Are you antagonistic?

3Y.Do you exaggerate to get ahead in life?*

3Z.Do you sweet talk people to get things your way?*

3A1.Do you not hesitate to cheat if it gets you far?

3B1.Do you like to stand out?

3C1.Are you impulsive?*

3D1. Do you do things to get people to admire and respect you?

3E1.Does it not bother you to see people get hurt?*

3F1.Do you think you are better than almost everyone else?

3G1.Are you flirtatious?

3H1.Are you often hostile?*

3I1.Do you think you deserve extra special treatment?*

3J1.Do you enjoy making people with power look stupid?*

3K1.Do you use people to get what you want?

3L1.Do you have an addictive personality?


The section with the largest total is your designated type.

In order to have these archetype pairs / disorders your highest score has to at least be a 105.

Section 1 = The Designer

Section 2 = The Professional

Section 3 = The Charmer